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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I've seen posts like this before about Reid and his kids. It's incredibly judgmental and insensitive. I've never heard of Reid being abusive and his sons don't blame him or their mother for the way their lives played out, at least not publicly. That doesn't mean Reid didn't have a hand in their development, but people looking at a kid and then saying "they have horrible parents. It's all their fault" is total BS. We have no idea how the Reid family was or what kind of parents they were to their kids. I've met some really cool people with terrible parents. I've met some amazing parents with horrible kids. People ultimately are responsible for their own actions.
that's because in general people believe that a person will follow what their parents taught them in times of trouble.
or basically, if the parent taught them right they wouldn't do this because they'd know it was wrong.

that's true in some situations but without knowing the whole scenario it's hard to say it's someone's fault other than that person.
the person makes their own choices regardless of it being a good idea or not.
not everyone has the same moral compass on right, wrong, acceptable or unacceptable.
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