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Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
Peacepipe brought it up as being worse. I don't think consensual sex is worse than spying. It actually improved Clinton's rating.
I did not want to believe this -- but when I checked -- it's true enough.

Of course, the affair with Monika overshadowed the really important event of 1998. You have to wonder to what extent this was orchestrated.

The important event being Desert Fox -- the Dec 1998 US bombing of Iraq -- a heavy handed attempt to effect regime change by offing Saddam.

The US ordered the UNSCOM weapons inspectors to leave the country (it was NOT Saddam who did so -- though this continues to be the common lie agreed upon.)

The bombing failed.

As a result, UNSCOM chief weapons inspector Scott Ritter resigned in protest -- as did Dennis Halliday -- the other UN official in Iraq at that time.

All in all - it was an unmitigated disaster for the US, the people of Iraq, and the world.

Meanwhile, the US headlines were all about Monika and Bill.

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