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Originally Posted by Black96WS6 View Post

Notable standouts:
Manning - $20m
Champ - $11m
Clady - $9.8m
Welker - $6m

Rivers - $17m
Weddle - $8.6m
Meachem (bust) - $6.8m
Gaither (released) - $6.8m
Gates - $6.5m

Tamba Hali - $15.5m!
Berry - $10.2m
Albert - $9.8m
Flowers - $9.6m
Alex Smith - $8.5m

McFadden - $9.6m
Huff - $7.2m
Janikowski - $5.1m
I don't have a problem with the KC contracts, at the time they were the right call and they're not in cap hell because of it. Of the other AFC West teams, they're most likely to pull themselves up out of the #@$ in the short/medium term future. They need better coaching.

The Chargers and the Raiders have had terrible management over the last 5 years and it shows through the cap mess they're in now. It will be difficult for either team to extricate themselves without pulling it all down and starting again.

Rivers would get that contract on the open market so you can't really fault them for that. Gates has been elite and Weddle isn't bad either.

McFadden - $9.6m, Huff - $7.2m, Janikowski - $5.1m: Those numbers are insane!

Also, Champ isn't worth $11 million at this point and I hope he takes a huge cut next year so we can free up the space, bring in fresh blood (or pay our upcoming contracts) and continue to build for the future. For this year pay the man! No point having the cap space just sitting there unused.
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