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Originally Posted by errand View Post
So because it's a FoxNews report it's a lie? 2x2=4 is a lie if FoxNews says it.....ok, got it!

Whatever doesn't change the timeline of events, and if you bothered to watch it you'd have noticed the fighting didn't stop until approximately 6-7 hours after the attacks started........plenty of time to have flown a jet or send a platoon of Marines in.

We have military base in Italy less than 500 miles away.....we have US naval ships aircraft carriers patrolling in the med all the time....with Marine Amphibious Units on them.(MAU)

As a former Marine who was on several med floats in my time...I can honestly say that help could have gotten there in time to have saved the lives of those guys who were killed by mortar fire on the roofs.

While I respect your service to the country, you're expertise seems at odds with.....the experts.

As I suggested, dig a little deeper than FOX.

Ambassador Thomas Pickering, co-chairman of the State Department accountability review board on the Benghazi attacks, said he and retired Admiral Michael Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, concluded after their review that “there was no way any military activity could have been put in place to deal with that particular question.”
Mr. Gates, who served several Republican presidents in various capacities before staying on under Mr. Obama for two and a half years, rebutted suggestions that the Pentagon could have scrambled jets or special forces during the attack, calling that a “cartoonish impression of military capabilities.”
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