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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Oh they had a choice. They could've not drafted a safety that high. It was typical Pioli retardation. Nothing more
It doesn't matter who they drafted, they would still be paying 10 mill.

Here is a list of the next 10 players picked:

Russell Okung, Joe Haden, Rolando Mcclain, CJ Spiller, Tyson Alualu, Anthony Davis, Ryan Matthews, Brandon Graham, Earl Thomas.

Of that list of players, 3 are busts: Mcclain, Alualu and Graham. 2 are runningbacks who are not as good as Jamaal Charles: Matthews and Spiller. Okung is a good LT, but not a major upgrade over Albert or Fisher, Davis is a good RT. Haden is a good CB but I would hate paying him 10 million a year. That leaves the choice of Earl Thomas and Eric Berry, the 2 best players of that group, both safeties - so in fact they didn't really have much choice not to pick a safety.
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