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The Team

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I think my point there was that 'stand down' was the effective order, and others took it to mean the same thing whether it was phrased exactly that way by one official or not.

Next you'll start arguing with me about what the meaning of the word 'is' is.

Your defense of this administration (for such a seeker of truth) is getting awfully lawyerly.
Not at all. The 'stand down' order is a center piece of the inquiry. Who gave it and why?

According to Hicks testimony, they were told not to get on the plane by the Pentagon.

Your assertion is that Obama did it, I'm still waiting to see where you get that from.

Here is another 'explanation.'

Chaffetz told Fox News that "we had people that were getting killed, we had people who are willing to risk their lives to go save them and somebody told them to stand down."

But it’s clear from Hicks’ testimony that four Americans "getting killed" in Benghazi were already dead when the decision was made to keep the special forces team in Tripoli. The mortar attack was over. A Defense Department drone watched overhead in Benghazi as Libyan militia members helped Americans get to the airport.

Chaffetz, however, says the team was available to go save "people that were getting killed," calling the order to stand down "sickening and depressing and disgusting." His office clarifies he meant that the team might have prevented additional casualties if attacks had continued — an explanation utterly missing from his national TV appearance.
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