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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
I was completely respectful until you pulled the whole torts crap on me when all I did was talk about it in hypothetical scenario.

I had nothing against you until that point, then you ignited the whole thing.

No sour grapes. I have mentioned numerous times I didnt think caps were good but I also don't believe in your style so just speaking the truth that you will be eliminated soon.

It's cool that you have friends that work for caps; maybe I'll write up an exam and we can go over it over PM. I'll be curious as to what you know on certain topics.
Not a problem, my issue with you was about Torts. The Rangers could have been swept and there was 0 chance he would be fired. If he they were swept and then started the next season off poorly, that may have been the case.

I'd be more than willing to take a look at it and talk to my buddy but if it's anything too inside, then I don't think he'd want to respond.
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