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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Lol @ know more than me about the caps. Stick to your rainjahs; your obsession with the caps is pathetic.

Anyway; not worth arguing. I'll sit back, relax and laugh at how pissed off you get over the next week or so.

And as always with your reading comprehension I mentioned they were losers for not overcoming the calls but keep making up **** that justifies that "everyone is making excuses."

Oh man it's going to be fun to see your reaction coming soon; good luck!
Ah, you have good friends that work for the Caps too, good for you.

I don't get pissed when my teams lose.....sorry to burst your bubble. I rarely gloat (unless it's against Socal)....I understand how hard it is for a team to win a championship in any sport so if they put up the effort and still lose that's life.

There are more important things than sports in life.
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