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Originally Posted by Ray Finkle View Post
I bet I know the Caps and their management way better than you, let's leave it at that.

The Rangers were the LEAST penalized team this season and the Caps had the best power play, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the easiest way to beat them is to not take penalties.....

Fovie taking "vicious" cheap shots is fine, kept him from having the puck....

Always an was a good series like the one last year but all Caps fans, management, and players blame the refs. Perhaps if you focused on not taking retaliation penalties and the game, you'd still be playing.
Lol @ know more than me about the caps. Stick to your rainjahs; your obsession with the caps is pathetic.

Anyway; not worth arguing. I'll sit back, relax and laugh at how pissed off you get over the next week or so.

And as always with your reading comprehension I mentioned they were losers for not overcoming the calls but keep making up **** that justifies that "everyone is making excuses."

Oh man it's going to be fun to see your reaction coming soon; good luck!
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