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Lied?? Are you going to continue to carry water for the politicizing of this tragedy, despite the release of the E Mails??

Pick another fight, this one is a lost cause, that hopefully allows scrutiny of the salient facts; why wasn't security better managed, was there ever an order to 'stand down' (can you point to the source of that comment? it wasn't Hicks) and could help have arrived in time??
Could help have arrived in time? You're missing the point. Maybe deliberately.

Help should've been there ahead of time. It wasn't, and it looks like political optics were most likely the reason. Could help have gotten there "in time" after the attack? That's an open, yet mostly irrelevant question.

Because the only real-world effort they made to respond at all was one to gin up a scapegoat to claim they couldn't have seen this whole thing coming (on 9/11). The President and his administration didn't make a single effort to send assistance. They didn't have any idea how long the assault would go on. Yet not a single order anywhere for anyone to even attempt to assist. And that fell exactly in line with what appeared to have been their existing motivation all along... reelection campaigns ahead of lives.

To wonder whether help could have gotten there in time, when it's crystal clear that help was never going to be sent in the first place is interesting to say the least.
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