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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
I have to agree with Houghtam here again. I see lots of sniveling above about trying to be a decent cultured human being or some such nonsense, but nothing about the only thing that matters: money.

Really need to get you priorities in order sonny.
Did you miss these two paragraphs?

Requiem wrote:

I write all the time. Music, poetry and books. I have projects for each of them. This July I get to go to Minneapolis to start recording songs I have been working on for twelve years. To finally get that done will be great. I have 40 or 50 page PDF of poetry I have written since I was a teenager that I am going to compile and self-publish. I am going to make them all unique and individual (no book/pamphlet) will be the same and sell them for a couple dollars. I am working on my first fiction novel and also doing an analysis of American Culture to use as a foundation towards graduate school aspirations.

I have aspirations to obtain at the minimum a Master's in one of the two majors I had in college, and if I play my cards right, a PhD. I am a versatile person who can do a lot of things, but I have known from a long time I wanted to either do research or teach. A lot of positions would allow me to do both. I am just very interested and good at those things. I connect with almost everyone, anybody from anywhere, despite age, origins, etc.
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