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My argument isn't remotely akin to whay you're suggesting here. In fact, I'm not really making an argument by posting that article. What I'm doing is pointing out another side of the narrative that is being ignored by those eagerly engaged in the witch hunt. Their is a rush to judgement here, and people need to take a deep breath and wait for more facts to come out.
It's pretty clear the State Dept ignored multiple warnings. And they even explicitly worried about that reality when talking about how to massage the White House talking points.

You're the one that chose to take the only nugget you could possibly take out of that article in service to the time-honored tradition of "Blame the Dead Guy"

Meanwhile you ignored multiple other points in the same article that basically rendered your hand-selected nugget completely irrelevant.

You can fall back to the Sullivian "Just Asking Questions" defense all you want once the horse**** has been called out.

But it still is what it is.
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