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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post

Oh please give me a break. You know how you say I don't understand the rangers org? Well you don't understand the caps organization. They won't win being the Washington Ovechkins. He single handedly got them into the playoffs.

It's Backstrom and Johansson that you can say "don't care" or how about Brouwer show up when he talks about Semin disappearing?

Please spare me. If the calls were the other way around, you would be so livid. Don't give me that BS, you got away with so much **** after it was 2-0 series. I wonder why...

Anyways, it's all done with and the caps should have overcome it. They are losers for not doing so.

But make no mistake, your bull **** bunker hockey is not sustainable. Enjoy the last few games you have.

I tried to be respectful, but your hate of the caps gets in the way. So enjoy those extra few games; lundqvist can't win every game for you.

The Rangers are the exact type of team you want to avoid in the 1st round because all that shot blocking, bunker crap can work for a round but after you run Girardi and McDonagh into the ground, well, then it's all over and the floodgates open.

Boston softened us up last year and we in turn did that to you and the devils took advantage. We will see how you hang this round.

Captain loaf got some vicious shots on your boys. Wonder what will happen when Lucic and company pile it on.
I bet I know the Caps and their management way better than you, let's leave it at that.

The Rangers were the LEAST penalized team this season and the Caps had the best power play, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the easiest way to beat them is to not take penalties.....

Fovie taking "vicious" cheap shots is fine, kept him from having the puck....

Always an was a good series like the one last year but all Caps fans, management, and players blame the refs. Perhaps if you focused on not taking retaliation penalties and the game, you'd still be playing.
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