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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
JFC..Tiny Tim your really are a p***Y, the way I see it you spend half your life on the OM.
You apparently don't see too well. I get a lot of downtime at work where I'm allowed to mosey on the forums because I do my job very well. Multi-tasking might be hard for you, but it comes naturally to me.

Most guys your age are working their ass off to support a family but on the bright side we wont have to worry about you pissing in the gene pool and passing your lazy ass DNA on to others.
Except that really isn't the case. You wouldn't have a clue on what is going on with my generation. You are so far socially detached from anything that resembles reality that you don't really have a dog in this fight to make an assertion, but I will humor you.

There aren't many people in the Millennial generation at 26 who are popping out kids and having families. Out of all my high school and college friends, I can only think of a handful that are actually have families at this time. Things aren't like they used to be.

Most are enjoying themselves, pursuing graduate school aspirations or building a foundation for themselves to that in the future they can afford to have a family. Considering the economic climate for most recent graduates in my peer group and those forthcoming, having a family is simply something they cannot afford, and for most they just don't have an interest in.

I do know some people at my age (or younger) who are having families outside of marriage, get their girlfriends to be on WIC and social welfare programs to help pay for these things. Usually, these are the kids that didn't get **** rolling for them in high school, nor ever tried to better themselves. You would be more apt to direct your comments to them.

I will decide to have children when I am ready. I have a lot of things I want to do personally that would not be possible if I was tied down with a child. It was one of the primary reasons my ex and I aren't together because she wanted to start a family while in school and there was no chance in Hell I'd roll with that.

But keep it up man. You demonstrate every day how sad and pathetic of an individual you really are. Trying to attack me saying that I live in a baSeimiant (), don't work () and all this other stuff, while passing off PM's to other people on the board trying to bring me down. What are you, a 16 year old girl? You read my posts and probably think I get all flustered and angry with your diatribe. I don't. I just laugh and smile knowing that I have been blessed to the point where I will never be as morose and empty as you are.
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