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Trevor Siemian!

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post

At any case: Your version of the "American Dream" and mine are probably quite different. As it is for most people. That is how it sticks around, because it can re-invent itself. It may be a central ethos in American culture, but it is highly transient and the concept of what it means has greatly changed through the course of history in this country. Never really bought into the myth, but it is obvious you did. Big houses, business endeavors, big trucks, materialism and ownership, being all about yourself. You are pretty much like everyone else. Boring.

I am a firm believer in having your own dreams, sets of goals and lists of things to accomplish. Fortunately, I was raised well enough to not get in competition with the Jones' and am smart enough to avoid the pitfalls socially and economically that plague this society. Very pleased with my life experiences so far and am stoked for what is to come. I know I will get to where I am going . . .
I found this part of your quote interesting. I don't much care for the argument with pony boy, just curious as to what your goals in life and things to accomplish are. What is your American Dream?

I'll start since I asked first. For me, it's raising my boys right, strengthening my marriage, getting my house paid off, and strengthening the family business. Pretty simple and boring stuff I admit. But to me, once those things are accomplished, then my wife and I can move onto more exciting, fun goals. In fact accomplishing those 4 simple things are my American Dream. Curious as to what yours are.
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