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Please elaborate. What exactly is the government not supposed to be doing in this case? Offering tax exemptions? Or should they offer exemptions to any organization that applies for it? Or are you insinuating that the government has no business taxing at all?

I'm curious to hear your response. A direct response would be nice, but I will settle for one of your traditional skip-to-my-loo responses.
Two separate questions. I personally don't believe the government should tax any non-profit.

But if it's deemed necessary to do so, it certainly shouldn't be based on some fluid government definition of community benefit. That's always in the eye of the beholder (and always subject to abuse) It would be better to tax all non-profits than it is to selectively subject some of them to some kind of political purity test.

You're either a for-profit, or you aren't. The rationale is really none of the government's business.
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