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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
That's theoretically true, if you're talking about instantly using the energy as it's generated. Once you start dealing with transmission and storage losses (as you do in a transportation scenario) efficiency suffers a lot. And once you start looking at the environmental costs of production (like for the massive heavy-metal battery banks) the scales pretty much tip against the EV (so long as you compare it to a similarly sized and priced gas or diesel equivalent)
Your statement has no basis in fact, even according to the lovely source Pony Boy has (which doesn't say what he's claiming).

The reality is (again even Pony Boy's source says this) that all other things being equals (size/utility of vehicle) even an EV powered by the dirtiest coal based elec will be less polluting. An EV powered by really dirty coal isn't better than the most efficient (read tiny gutless sub compact) car, but that's apples-to-oranges.

And, EV tech (particuarly batteries) are still in its infancy. Energy density is going up, usability problems (i.e. recharge time) are getting better, etc.

Petrol cars have had over a century to mature. EVs have only been seriously worked on for a little over a decade.
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