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Simon Fletcher

Nice roll on politics. Everyone can read this one and laugh their ass off on poetic justice: (Warning: it has nothing to do with politics. Just b****es who got ****ed by their own doing)

Ex-Wife Loses Big in This Game of Chance
Law: Woman hid her Lotto win from husband and quickly divorced him. Judge says she must let him have all $1.3 million.

During his 25 years of marriage, Thomas Rossi never saw a marriage counselor, never strayed and never doubted a relationship so close that he shared an electric toothbrush with his wife, he said.

Then Denise Rossi shocked him by demanding a divorce. And she wanted it in a hurry.

Now he knows why: On Dec. 28, 1996--just 11 days before she filed for divorce--Denise Rossi won $1.3 million in the California Lottery.

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She told no one in her divorce case, and Monday her secret caught up with her. A Los Angeles family court judge ruled that she had violated state asset disclosure laws and awarded her lottery winnings to her ex-husband. Every penny.

Superior Court Judge Richard Denner determined that she acted out of fraud or malice. He based his decision on a deposition in which Denise Rossi admitted that she concealed her winnings because she didn't want her ex-husband "getting his hands on" them.

"Moral of story: It pays to be honest from the beginning," said Marc Lerner, attorney for the 65-year-old jilted husband.

Lerner said tears rolled from his client's eyes when Denner announced his ruling in court. For her part, Denise Rossi, 49, said she was stunned and is contemplating her next legal move.

Read rest on link above.

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