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501c4 are not supposed to be engaging in political functions for the majority of their effort, and definitely NOT in a partisan manner. The NRA engages in and Crossroads supposedly fit into this category (I would not agree that either of those organizations are not primarily political and are not partisan) but that's beside the point.

That's why those organizations that were claiming/implying association with a political party were being asked to clarify what their organization was about.

The only on here not understanding what's going on, once again, is you.
I'm not saying there isn't grey area in the way those tax exemptions have been issued and utilized. It's always been a very sketchy area of campaign finance and political spending.

But all that is a red herring. The IRS didn't simply change its standards of what constituted "too political." It started holding one (green light) standard for friends of the administration and another (minefield) standard for potential enemies, with a generous helping of big-brotheresque information gathering about donors (violating the whole purpose of a 501c4), ideas, influences, contacts... just about everything you could imagine. And then the applications mostly just went to IRS purgatory, whilst the progressive applications processed like clockwork.
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