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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Hear me now and believe me later: the Republicans, and Tea Party will both make significant gains together in the Senate in 2014 due to the IRS scandal. You don't have to believe me now, just remember when it happens that you heard it here: this is a game changer.
Which has more to do with the Democrats having to "defend" more seats than any of these issues. As stated many times, Americans don't have a long-term attention span when it comes to politics. Benghazi will likely be used as an attack line because it has substance behind it. The phone-tapping and this IRS stuff? Give me a break. Go walk outside and ask twenty random people about these stories and they would have no idea what you are talking about. Secondly, the "leading" party (in this case the Democrats, with Obama in office and owning the Senate) traditionally, if not almost always, lose seats in a midterm election. It is just a historical trend.

I'm a little less optimistic than Houghtam is on the Democrats retaining seats in the Senate. I think anywhere between 5 and 7 seat gain is realistic, but I cannot say more or make estimates until I know who all is exactly running. A lot of things are still variable at this time.
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