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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Hear me now and believe me later: the Republicans, and Tea Party will both make significant gains together in the Senate in 2014 due to the IRS scandal. You don't have to believe me now, just remember when it happens that you heard it here: this is a game changer.
Care to tell us where the gains are going to be made? That will at least put a little weight behind your claim.

This is hardly a bold prediction. As peace already pointed out, the Democrats have 21 seats up for reelection. It was already going to be tough for the Democrats to hold on to the Senate. For reference, 14 Republican seats were up in the 74 midterm after Watergate, and the Democrats only gained 5 seats total.

I predict the Democrats will only lose 3-4 total seats in 2014 Senate races.
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