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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
He does kind of have a point, though I wouldn't use presidential elections to prove it.

They tried to bury Hillary Clinton's chances with Whitewater. The public completely forgot about it. I wouldn't be so quick to think there is going to be some huge public outcry from this, Benghazi, or the AP thing, though. Americans' memories are short.

The point about the presidential elections is valid too, but not really relevant to this particular case. The Republicans are going to have a hard time meeting the changing demographics with only rage on their side.

This next 8 months are going to make careers. The media machine is ramping into full overdrive right now. The thirst for information on these three scandals is driving the press into full throttle mode. I can only guess that you aren't following the news too closely right now if you don't think this is going to be a huge story. We're not even seeing the tip of the iceberg on this yet.
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