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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
I was thinking about this acquisition and I just do not see room for him. He could come in and battle for a saftey spot and battle Quinten Carter for a saftey spot. It is hard for me to see how he makes the team. You can't cut, Adams, Carter, Bruton or Moore.

At CB there is NO room at all unless they want to cut Bolden.

Denver I feel is fine in the secondary. Maybe Q. Carter will not recover from his injury. If he does recover maybe they feel that they can cut Adams but I just think Denver should stand pat. Bring him in for a look, I feel if they sign him he just might get cut in trainng camp if all the other players play up to their potential.
you can't find room? he'd play S, either moving Rahim to SS(which isn't likely to happen) or beat out Adams. Carter is coming off of microfracture surgery, he will likely not be back to 100% til after this season or if he's likely later in the season.

since Woodson to a 1 year deal, let him start this year and if Carter is healthy and ready you let him take back his job at SS next year.
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