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I'd be pretty shocked if he signed with the Raiders. Unless for some reason he simply wanted to retire a Raider.

My guess is that we'll sign him by the end of this week.

I don't claim to know where or how he'll fit into the scheme of things, I certainly wouldn't want to give up on Moore or Q Carter yet. I do think we got great value out of Lynch and Dawkins and I also think that our D is completely lacking in leadership. Champ is great, but he's more of a lead by example kinda guy. Both Dawkins and Lynch stepped up in that role and I think Woodson could as well.
If Denver does not sign him he will sign with the Raiders. He said on the NFL Network that he is going to play this year, he wants to play for a contender but if that doesn't pan out he'll play anywhere and try to be a great role model.
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