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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Same was probably said about interracial marriage,now no one even thinks twice about it. Except for all the nyuk nyuks & txtebows of the world.
We don't think 3 times about that but i still think we think twice. If a friend of mine dated a black girl I think he would tell me that before we met. I would not just open the door to meet them and discover she is black. I still think it would be a tad different.

Still its all good I have no problem with the country being pretty liberally socially. We have a right to pursue happiness even if it means being really strange and not doing it like most people do. But I agree interracial relationships not really given much thought anymore. I do think though there is a big difference between choosing a women that is another race, or saying you know what I don't like women I want a same sex relationship. Thats like choosing a car over a truck, not just a different color. !

Its all good though i wish the country could put aside petty things like who gets married and who doesn't.

Besides its an economic issue. Let them marry and spend the money to do it. Its good for the economy. Also many would probably then want to buy a house to live in together etc etc. So the trickle down of the money from gay marriage could be enough for it to be a good thing.
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