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Originally Posted by BroncosfanGuy View Post
with that average he could be hitting right behind Michael Saunders in Seattle

ETA: that's a joke, btw. I like the M's too. That Pineda-Montero trade is looking like a big dud for both sides right now. Not sure what they are going to do as far as getting competent bats at the plate, but they need to figure it out. Felix is locked down and Safeco (even with the new dimensions) is a pitcher's haven. They made a few moves this past offseason, but it's gonna take a bigger boat than Kendrys and Morse. I think the plan was for Montero and Ackley to be cornerstones and neither one can get going at the plate.
Saunders is actually coming around. He is a legitimate every day player. It is a shame that Franklin Gutierrez can never stay healthy. I expect him to be traded for scraps somewhere in the near future. We could have had a legit outfield had he ever panned out.

Montero, Ackley and Smoak are good enough for the 25 man roster, but might not be every day players. It hurts that these are all whiffs. Those guys probably deserve the rest of this year and then some, but I am not holding my breath on either of them. Ackley's new batting stance is ridiculous. The good thing with Ackley is his strike outs are down, but he isn't as patient at the plate and isn't getting walked a lot.

Smoak is actually having his best year, but isn't hitting for much power. His OBP is way higher than it was last year. He still hacks at it a ton. He is seeing a few more pitches this year, but damn, last year was a nightmare. With his dad passing in 2012, I felt like he mentally wasn't there. My guess is at some point in time he gets dealt too.

As far as Montero goes, I have no idea what his deal is this year. I was OK with his performance last year, but he isn't catching or hitting well. He isn't a good enough hitter to be DH, and we already have a guy who can't field well or hit for **** in Smoak at 1B.

I don't think we call up Zunino this year at catcher. He dominated A, AA -- but it struggling a bit right now with AAA Tacoma. Defensively he is + grade and way better than Montero, but he still has to get used to major league caliber pitching. We don't need to stunt his development quite yet. I would expect a September call-up for him to get some at bats, but that is about it.

So in short: Yeah, it is disappointing.

If Montero, Smoak, Ackley all lived up to potential things would be awesome. Probably not going to happen.
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