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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I don't like mandatory sentencing because it takes a judges ability to use common sense out of the equation. But here in CA Houghtam we overwhelming supported min sentencing, 3 strikes etc, so I'm not sure its all repubs. Repubs don't run this state at all. We pick a moderate gov sometimes but really not a right wing state at all. No way this is just a repub problem with the prisons. Don't forget the prison unions making a ton also right?
I didn't say right wing, you did. I'm telling you prison is big business, and that business spends a metric **** ton of money lobbying federal and state government to provide a steady stream of customers. Politicians win be because it gets criminals off their streets for their cinstituents, big business wins because they have a constant flow of customers, and society as a whole loses because prison becomes about neither punishment nor rehabilitation, but rather who can provide the most money.

And it doesn't surprise me that schools will be less funded than prisons. Number one, you can point to a criminal and say "this guy is off the street now" has no real immediately demonstrable equivalent. And number two, this country long ago gave up on the importance of education.
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