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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Death penalty is giving this guy the easy way out. Put him in a cell no longer than his wingspan and height. No window. Solitary confinement. He will never see the sun. Never see the moon. Never hear a bird chirp. Have a little slide drawer through the wall where he can get his piss drenched oatmeal twice a day until the end of his miserable days.
the reason I don't want this is because in my opinion what is needed is a long term solution to incarcerating prisoners. It makes it hard on the guards to torture because they could then be assaulted more.

I do like the idea of high tech prisons that can be staffed by less people. But our prison system is a mess. I like the idea of killers, rapists, the unreedemable being sent somewhere they perform hard labor until dead. But then for the non killers i propose prisons that still have work, but more like the ones who have farms built around the prison. I know there is a state down south who has done well with that plan. Education, drug rehab, try to actually fix them. Instead we throw them in with killers and gang members who prey on them. We as a society sit back and say good i like that prison is just a bloodbath. But in reality its our failing. We end giving the real killers and gangmembers what they need in prison to keep power. People to prey on.

We should segregate the gangs, make prison a nightmare for them, no non gangmember to prey on.
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