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Houghtam we need prison reform at the state levels. The idea not to segregate based on gang affiliation was a big one. It turns every prison into this thunderdome of gang control. How can we rehabilitate anyone in that environment?

We need one set of prisons for non gangmembers. Offenders who have yet to kill, rape, or do anything repugnant etc. We can maybe educate those ones and make something out of them. I think these lower level prisons need to have some sort of factory or farm connected to them. You have to put in 8 hours a day working.

Then also in the gang ones no more weights to work out with. You can jog or do pushups to stay in shape. Also no more gang mingling. Crips with crips, bloods with bloods, nazis white freaks, aryan brotherhood etc etc. These prisons would have little in the way of services. Food, water, and hard labor. The sort of thing where once there for life it wont be a long one.

Then in the prisons for men and women who made some mistakes but aren't killers we ramp up the education, drug treatment, mental health treatment.
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