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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
He had a 13-3 championship game team team that lacked a pass rush and a legit running game.
I dunno ... Mike Anderson topped 1,000 and Tatum 900, and Ron Dayne ran all over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. That was also the year the 4 or 5 Browncos joined Trevor Pryce to give us the best D-Line we'd had in nearly a decade.

That 2005 Conference Championship game was a cluster**** from gun to gun, horrible. Lot like the Ravens this year, Steelers in '84 and Jags in '96. Four horror show home playoff losses.

That '05 team was 13-3 with home field for the AFCCG ... and yet three months later we drafted expressly for a fresh roster start.
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