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Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
I don't get it. Why the hate for Tulo?

So far, his injuries haven't really come from his play in the field. He's going to be just as aggressive on the base paths, whether he's at 3B, SS, or catcher. At some point, a move to 3rd base will probably make sense. And, Tulo's made comments that make him appear amenable to the move (although he's said he doesn't see any reason to consider it right now - and I agree with him).

As a 3rd baseman, Tulo is still a great player. But, he's definitely "closer to the pack," when comparing him with other good 3rd basemen. At shortstop, he is truly unique - a five-tool guy who is capable of .300/30/100 every season.

And the Rockies finally have a guy that eliminates a big need at 3B, assuming that Arenado doesn't morph into Ian Steward 2.0. Despite their recent slump at the plate, their lineup is loaded, and young. Assuming Cuddyer ends up at 1B, there won't really be any holes in the batting order.
My main issue goes to immaturity. The day he ended up on the DL for slamming his bat into the ground and wound up with wood shards in his hand when the bat broke, I lost respect for him. I get it, be frustrated in that moment but don't take dumb risks that could hinder yourself. I know it's a fluke occurence what happened but it still also reeked of a kid having a tantrum. He is getting paid to be the face and leader of the franchise, yet I have never heard of him taking control of the clubhouse. I have heard the names, Helton, Giambi, Cuddyer as the leaders in recent years.

With the 3rd base theory I have, the Rockies have a few guys in the minors including Arenado who are seen as extremely high potential at shortstop. At 3rd he limits the amount of times he needs to contort and wrench his hips, legs, groin and back fielding and making the throw to first, which results in less time on the DL

I am hoping that as guys like Helton move on he matures and becomes a leader. I just think a guy with his contract and status as the face of the team, he needs to be more than a hitter and fielder.

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