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Yeah but some things like how repubs are holding up appointments were fine tuned the last 4 yrs of GWB. I do agree repubs using it way more but IMO thats because Obama has pushed a high level of controversial things and people to lead agencies. Whatever one day it will be dems fillibustering and repubs will be mad they cant pass something. Then dems will say you did it to us etc. All part of the game. I find it all more interesting then I do upsetting like many of you.

Politically speaking repubs getting a tad smarter. They will be able to say look we worked with dems on immigration and maybe get a tad better with the latino vote. They still have a lot of work to do with white women. Then obviously the black vote is pretty much out of reach for them right now. Still though if Obamacare implementation is tough on people its going to really hurt the dems in 2014. The economy actually growing a tad but i still think Obamacare is going to hurt it bad once it really kicks in.
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