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Go look at the lineup they trotted out today and tell me, other than Robinson Cano, which guy you'd want started for your team, whoever that might be. Go ahead, take a look. How many of them have you ever even heard of?
all but Corban Joseph and Romine I've heard of.

Gardner and old Ichiro are easy upgrades over Aaron Hicks
Hafner could DH for probably half the AL teams--his issue has been health not talent
Cano is obvious
Boesch was a regular for the Tigers as a fringe starter/4th OF and would find a role with any other MLB team

If we are looking solely at lineups, sure it's impressive. But this is a team that's able to mask deficiencies in one area because they vastly overspend on bats, SP, and RP when compared to the rest of the market. So yeah, the bats are watered down, but they are still trotting CC, Kiroda, Rivera, Robertson, etal out there. And again, it's May 13.