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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I don't have a big problem with the White House looking for a leak. But Obama was totally lying when he said he would be more transparent. hes more closed up then any recent Presidents.
I wouldn't say he is any more or less transparent than any other president. I think it's just like a lot of people on here have said, including most conservatives, which is that he made a lot of promises (e.g. Gitmo), and then when he got into office he realized that things were a lot more complicated than he thought. IMO it just seems like he's failing more in that area than others because he ran on the platform of being different. That is his biggest failure as a president.

You can make excuses til the end of the day on how he's had to face blatant racism, a floundering economy, an obstructionist agenda from the opposition...but at the end of the day, he hasn't followed through on what was supposed to have been the most important message. And that is troubling.

It may just be the nature of the presidency. There may just be certain things that you cannot be transparent with for a variety of reasons. It just seems to me that people play the "national security" card for everything, when I just can't envision a world where our security is really all that fragile. You have to wonder if having a person in the White House as opposed to a politician, someone who could expose and blow up all the **** that goes on at the top levels, would really be all that bad for this country at this point.

Never happen, but it's nice to think about.
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