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My cousin lives in Costa Rica now. He's a doctor. He went there to work because he blew the whistle on a scam doing hand surgeries (carpal tunnel) on 80 and 90 yr old patients from rest homes that didn't need them. I have only met him twice but did get down to Costa Rica one time and checked out his life. Its a good one lol. Good looking wife and they live in mostly an area with other Americans and Euros.

He told me he got caught because the hospital checked their phone records and saw he had talked to a reporter and someone at a regulatory agency. Not sure if it was police or what. The moral of the story I guess to never use your phone when giving out a juicy story or blowing the whistle on someone. Or I guess even turning in your neighbor for a crime etc etc. Use a pay phone or an untraceable Obama phone lol. My cousin basically could not get a job after that. No hospital will hire someone who won't keep secrets. According to him hospital staff will even cover up mistakes that led to people dying.
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