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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post

I love this logic.

If only everyone ELSE had done a great/better job, then maybe Plummer wouldn't have to do much of anything to really be a difference maker for a championship run.

I don't know about you, but usually the highest paid guy in the team generally has the most direct responsibility/part in winning.
Give me a break he had a 13-3 championship game team team that lacked a pass rush and a legit running game.

I hate the thought that a QB is expected to get it done alone. Elway is the only guy I can think of who did that and even he didn't win big until he got some help.

It's a team not the highest paid guy and 52 other dudes.

Hell, if Manning had a decent back that could get a first down in the final minutes of the Baltimore game we'd have another super bowl win.
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