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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
It's already beyond that question...

Now the question becomes what kind of career bureaucrat would stick his neck out to drive a project like this if the administrative environment weren't at least friendly to the idea (if not demanding it directly)
It's a legit question, but like I said, let there be an investigation, and let it lead where it leads. My greater point is that, just like Benghazi, Boston and on and on, you righties are consistently inventing answers before there are any. It's all a desperate attempt to associate a popular president (and an even more popular presidential candidate) with something unseemly, so you can somehow reverse the electoral direction this country is taking. It's no different than Voter ID laws or swiftboating. You think that somehow if you paint X as a bad guy, early and often, that regardless of what the facts uncover, there will be residual public resentment which will in turn influence the polls.

When all the facts are known and it turns out that neither Clinton nor Obama were at fault for any of these things, do you think the Darrell Issas and Jeff Sessionses and Ted Cruzes and Rand Pauls and John Boehners of the world will apologize? No. Will the talking heads drop it? No. And finally, will any of you conservatives EVER admit there's no there there? No. Two years from now when the 2014 election comes up, every single one of you is going to post as if Obama or Clinton masterminded it all.
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