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That was kind of my point. I highly doubt this guy, who was appointed by Bush, was the mastermind, or even complicit. I also doubt if he knew about it, he would be denying it now. The only reason is that he didn't know. So how is it the IRS Commissioner didn't know about it, but the Treasury Dept. (or White House ) did?

It's another instance of inventing a conspiracy and trying to jam that square block through the round hole of logic.
One, at this level of government, being appointed by a President does not make you a loyalist to that President. Looks like he served in administrative capacities going all the way back to the Clinton Administration.

And two, at these levels of government, you survive and excel by doing what you're told. There's no way he didn't know. But since this is a career-ending level of allegation, he'll deny knowing anything until he has little other choice.
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