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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
The AVS need a veteran leader on D more than they need Seth Jones - although adding Jones will help a lot.

Getting rid of Sacco was huge, now go get Dave Tippett for 2 years to get the young guys pointing in the right direction then get rid of him and pick up a playoff coach.

With respect to the WC it is all academic now since no team can stop the Blackhawks unless there is a sudden outbreak of persistent explosive non-stop diarrhea in the greater Chicago area or some sort of plane crash.
naw, we need Jones more. EJ needs to stay healthy, we need to cut the scrubs in Hunwick,Zanon & O'Brien then pick up Scuderi or Regehr for 2 years.
that would give us Jones,Johnson,Hejda,Barrie,Scuderi/Regeher & Elliot.
after next season Siemens comes up so that allows us to drop Hejda or one of the vet signees.
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