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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I think their team model broke down this year, a lot was riding on being able to sign Ryan Suter in the offseason and when he went to Minnesota the front office was really scrambling - the signing of Coliacovo was really just a panic reflex more than anything.

This coming offseason will be interesting, the only UFAs the Wings have to deal with are Damien Brunner and Val Filppula. I think Cleary will be allowed to test free agency, if he doesn't get signed elsewhere he may get a low end offer from Detroit, but I think his days are numbered.

Ian White will certainly be let walk. Kronwall, Ericson, Dekeyser, Smith, Kindl, Quincey and Coliacovo will be enough with Lashoff providing depth.

The Wings have 11 million and change to do with, they have to sign Smith, Kindl, Nyquist and Anderson to RFA deals and Filppula and Brunner to UFA deals - I would estimate that Anderson can be had for around 1 million per year for 2 years, Nyquist a bit more but not much, maybe 1.3 per year. Smith and Kindle will both be closer to 2 million per year - lets just say 4.5 per year for the 4 of them, that leaves 6.5 for Brunner, Filppula and a free agent forward - and that is before you start thinking about demoting Bertuzzi.
they have tough decisions to make for sure. but i'd rather my Avs be in the Wings position than picking #1.

hopefully when we add Jones to the fold we'll have enough punch to play D.
now we just need a good coach.
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