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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
Yep. Outcoached by Babcock. How did he do it? Simple. Play dirty.
1st, the ref wings get a ton of penalty calls anyways, so taking a
penalty for a dirty hit aint no biggie in Babcocks, mind as long as it pays off in the end. And it did. Ducks never matched the physicality of the ref wings and they paid for it.
Also, the Ducks NEVER should have paid Perry when they did. He wasnt playing well this year anyways, and he just mailed it in once he got his check. The best Duck for the entire series was rookie Emerson Etem, which is kinda cool, but not much of a consolation.
Ducks would have been killed by LA anyways.
Worst Duck alongside Perry was Cam Fowler. This guy absolutely blows. I have never seen a player get more accolades, and never have anything to show for it than this guy. No shot from the point, terrible puck skills, and is an absolute wussy, who couldnt hit an opposing player to save his life.
Useless, and hopefully dumped in the offseason. Overrated beyond belief.
Don't blame it on the refs. Quacks blew the game on their own PP. Soon as I saw that shortie, I knew it was game over for the Quacks.
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