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Hemanuel Sandrs

Originally Posted by Aftermath View Post
Seriously. I dont understand how the Wings do it. Their team is junk besides Z and Datsyuk. That Ducks team has tons of talent but Perry/Ryan/Selanne/Koivu failed to show up. I think they need a new coach/system.
Ducks had twice the talent and half the heart. The Red Wings are essentially rebuilding with the farm system and had ungodly man games lost due to injury but one thing they can do is skate now. Guys like nyquist, kindl, brunner, andersson, abdelkader, filppula, et al can all skate. Getting samuelsson back to man the point on the pp makes a HUGE difference as well and franzen just does what he doesn come playoff time.

The thing that's shocked me is the rock solid defense of guys like ericsson and, as of late, colaiacovo. none of 'em are gonna ring up points but are staying at home and chipping in with an occasional assist or goal. Z and Dats can score anytime they're on the ice but, more importantly, they are solid defensively and can create for others.

Finally, there's Howard. He didn't set the world afire this series but kept the wings in it and the stats sure don't tell the story with him in this series.
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