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I disagree about shipping off a found QB, at least until you have three good ones on the roster.

Kubiak sat behind Elway for , what, 10 years? And every time he had to play he did a great job, and won almost every time he played. You have to have a backup that is capable of winning on his own, because any QB could go down, and your season with it. There is just too much money at stake to trade away a potential starter, just because you have 2 on the roster.

In the NFL now, starting QBs get paid, and good backups also get theirs. But players want to play, which is the fly in the ointment. I agree you can get a bonanza in draft picks for a QB, but you have to have 2, not just one. A franchise level QB is someone you NEVER let go, unless you have 3.

If both Oz and Dysert are good we can let one go in a year or two, if Manning KEEPS playingfor 3-4 years, and we have another draft pick to replace him. Other than the cap cost the third emergency QB doesn't take a roster spot now, so you can carry three, and should.
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