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Von Miller

Originally Posted by maven View Post
Haven't check my data so off on a whim with this response.

Just going quickly by this list. I think Foster is a fall this year. Aj Green will go higher because he's a heck of a talent/target. Trent, Jammal, Spiller & McCoy could be real wild cards(as in going way up or way down). Rice is getting up there as a stay away. Morris was a great pickup last year because he fell to late rounds or free agent, but is he a great back? Lynch will split more carries as he ages though we didn't see it last year. Martin will be targeted high. Megatron will go high.

I have my rules and know what I'm typically picking.

It's going to be another fun year to take peoples money.
If I don't get the #1 pick I'm just gonna autodraft.
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