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Originally Posted by Vegas_Bronco View Post
Brock is still pretty raw in nfl terms. He is consistent with his reads but errant throws are common. Dude can put some fire on the ball when needed. I'd love to see him get 4 yrs with Manning. Maybe then we can convince Elway and Manning to buy the team and pump qbs out of the mile high bullpen.
That's an interesting thought. Tom Nalen was speculating a few days ago part of the reason for the Heckert hire was Elway might just be in line to buy the team, and Heckert would take over for Elway's position. Having Peyton as a primary investor could provide the cash needed to buy the team.

Eh, whatever. As for the QB's, yeah it's nice to have a pipeline of young QB's to avoid the crushing problem so many franchises go through when the franchise guy retires. It's just good business. And IMO it's no worse to have young guys than retread backups . . .
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