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Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
Maybe you're just trying to be a troll, RE: Tulo?

Today, Tulo is playing in his 34th game of the season (out of 37).

For the season, he's 6th in batting average, 7th in home runs, and 1st in RBIs.

Oh, and he leads all shortstops with only one error.

His $10 million salary this year makes him the 103rd highest paid player in baseball.
And his full contract total is one of the highest ever.

And this is his 33rd game this year, and either way a team leader should not be missing games as often as he does. And the way it is being talked about that groin is going to cost him numerous games very soon.

And you're right. I can't stand him. I think he is an arrogant douchebag who would be a better 3rd baseman than shortstop. That position would actually limit the wear and tear on him and keep him in the lineup day in and day out.

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