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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by DocŪ
The problem is there isn't an option in user cp to attach a sig I tried using th IMG option but it calls for a url and there is no url for the pic I have saved on my puter........this is the type of pic I was trying to use and its size should ok..........16.4kb 208x300
If the pic you attached to this post is the one you want to use, you can just right-click on the picture and then click on "properties" and it will give you the url for the attachment, which you can then copy and paste in "edit signature".

For another pic, you can attach it to a post (there are threads in the Butt that people have started for that very purpose) and do the same thing (right-click, "properties").

Another option is to go with the free account at photobucket and upload your picture there, copy and paste that url and you're good to go.

Hope that helps...
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