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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Well he might be able to crack the dime package and that package does it matter if you are a safety or a CB? You are just lining up i space against the pass. That is what he'll be doing this year. Now FA is coming Champ is getting older who knows where he will be playing in the future.
JDR talked a little about Kayvon today, but it sounded like he really doesn't know what he has with that guy, or what he's gonna do with him. Kayvon is just a guy for now. JDR talked about Wolfe coming into the new season with an attitude to try to improve, not get lazy thinking he's all that, talked about Sylvester came in with a teach me and I'll learn attitude much like Wolfe did last season.

Said he views Wolfe as a DT, not a DE. How that's gonna play out with a crowded DT rotation I don't know.
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