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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Epic failure where? Basic college freshman psychology - regardless of what textbook you use and who you take it with - teaches that IQ has been shown to be valid. Is there some dissent? Yes - but its validity is the accepted norm while you point at the small minority. Developmental psychology teaches the same about IQ and also that adopted twin longevity studies show IQ among other characteristics to have a heavy genetic input. I asked for information we can reasonably look up, not anecdote or hearsay or muscle flexing.

You said there was something in the video on the OP itself that had data we could look up. I didn't watch it all but did scroll through it and found no such thing. I saw something about Latino crime rates and an angry Latino guy.

Now let me ask one more time: What information do you have that shows the man you're railing against is "racist" other than that you don't like he mentioned data that isn't bathed in equals signs? Dealing with blind liberals such as yourself is like dealing with religious extremists; you both hate scientific data that contradicts your faith. You hate it and you persecute and demonize those who say otherwise.

You also claimed that IQ isn't the point of your grudge against him. What in fact, then, is? What makes him "racist"?
Information you can reasonably look up? The paper I referenced is not only common knowledge, but is on the reading list for most educational psychology curricula I have had contact with. Now granted, I never attended Bob Jones University, but Valpo is a fairly conservative school, and it was taught their too.

The sites I was referring to weren't about the IQ data, they were about the nature of the site which he contributes to. Have you been there? I ask again, what part of suggesting the holocaust didn't happen isn't racist?

In the gun thread you suggested that the anti-gun lobby would produce studies biased in their results toward anti-gun sentiment. Now tell me, why is that the case, but when someone is closely associated with a website which not only suggests the holocaust didn't happen, but also discusses how "white people don't have anyone looking out for them", why wouldn't you hold that study to the same standards you held the anti-gun argument? Because you're either too dumb or too stubborn to realize you're talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Just like the time when you mentioned the possibility of left-wing influence on the Boston Marathon bombers, and then in the next post when someone suggested it could be a right-wing plot too, you chime in with "THIS ISN'T A LEFT OR RIGHT THING WHY ARE YOU POLITICIZING IT". Yeah. That happened. And the whole forum got a big laugh.

As far as my education vs my career goes, I'm not going to go into it, though suffice it to say if you've been around long enough, you can piece it together. It's not that hard.
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