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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post

Houghtam, take a basic college psychology course if you believe that ****. You're digging yourself into a deeper hole. Stop while you're ahead, I BEG YOU.

Peacepipe - I asked for more than namecalling and vague appeals to alleged popularity. You cannot provide anything else, as I suspected.
The validity and bias of IQ tests is debated at even the lowest levels of psychology at the collegiate level. Unless you care to question the professors at Valparaiso, Michigan State an U. of Cincinnati where I took 3 years of educational psychology. Have you ever read Culture-Fair Cognitive Ability Assessment: Information Processing and Psychophysiological Approaches?

Have you ever actually taken a post-secondary course? Considering your epic failure in the last few threads, I'm beginning to think you're too stupid to pull off the dramallama/nyuk nyuk exchange.
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